Info for Parents

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What is a counselling session?

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Why are the sessions confidential?

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What can parents/carers do to help?

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You are very important in supporting your child through the counselling process and it is crucial that your child knows that you are supporting this. Be consistent and encouraging to your child about attending the counselling sessions regularly. Try to resist the urge to ask your child what they did in the session as this may make them feel pressurised to comment on something they may not yet understand themselves.

What can parents/carers expect in terms of feedback?

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The therapist can talk to you about how well the child is engaging with the therapy and the sorts of activities your child is taking part in. You will have the opportunity to discuss any changes or developments that you have witnessed or experienced at home. The therapist may also be able to talk about some of the themes emerging from the sessions and any changes the therapist may have noticed as the therapy progresses